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[Note: If you missed part one of my adventures in Las Vegas, feel free to catch up here.]

This is it.

This is the moment.

I have spent somewhere around six collective hours staring at different betting sheets looking for edges and clever ways to bet on the Seattle Seahawks. Now, we are about to put my actual money where my Internet mouth is. Read More

andrew luck touchdown

Last week was not great.

Halfway through the first game of the NFL playoffs, I was feeling cocky. The Chiefs were up big, even after the devastating loss of Jamaal Charles. Andy Reid seemed to have a legitimate game plan.

Then Andrew Luck happened, and the rest of my weekend was downhill from there. Read More

Peyton Manning

Last Sunday was beautifully horrifying.

I sat staring into the 8-bit stream of NFL RedZone that my computer is capable of hijacking overseas, worrying. Not because everything was going awfully, but because everything was going great. After a miraculous comeback cover in overtime by RUSSELL HUSTLE BUSTLE WILSON and company, my drunk picks were looking like they might go 5-0, which would mean another night of Sambuca and misery come this weekend. Thankfully, my Philadelphia Eagles couldn’t come close to covering +10.5 against the Broncos, and my picks settled at an absolutely brilliant 4-1.

I am not bad at this, folks.

Read More