Brian Kraker is a man without an NBA team. He was raised on a steady diet of disco fries in the great state of New Jersey and has since grown into a connoisseur of diner food and a self-loathing Jets fan. He tweets the most comfortably lukewarm sports takes and sublime social commentary @BrianKraker.

Tyler Lauletta likes gambling and sports, and he cannot resist it when the two are put together. He hails from West Chester, Pennsylvania: “Bam Margera is an asshole.” He tweets things, typically directed at Kanye West or someone formerly of Grantland, @tylerlauletta. He also keeps his own blog at

Patrick Masterson is the other, other Masterson brother @pmmmasterson.

Rory Masterson graduated from Fordham University in the Bronx but is originally from South Carolina.  His writing has appeared at FanSided’s The Step Back, The Classical, MVRemix, The RS500 and Back Page Football, among others. He tweets sporadically and retweets frequently, usually about basketball and Lionel Messi, @rorymasterson. Check your facts.

Jordy McKever is the elder statesman (or statesperson, which is not a word) of the group. If the stars are perfectly aligned and the moonlight just right, he may even add a post to TwH. In other words, don’t count on it. Offering a somewhat sort of unbiased sports opinion, Jordy can be found tweeting about sports, music, Jesus, whatever is in the news, and pictures of his son at @itsjordylive.

Jill Pellegrini. Masshole by birth. Honorary New Yorker by choice (college). Shameless lover of One Direction and other things you probably think are for twelve-year-olds. Livetweets public transportation experiences and a lot of shit television @jillpell28. Doesn’t blog enough. Lives in a constant state of hyperbole.

James Vasiliou is an award-winning college football analyst, doing the holy work in God’s country while trying to earn a living filling out other people’s tax forms. He occasionally goes to weddings on the weekends. He has the best Snapchat game this world has ever seen and is the J.R. Smith of the Twitterverse, in every way. He is all over the spreadsheets and entirely in your heart @spumantecarlo.


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