The Hypothetical SuperContest – Week 14


I only have a week left in London and it has been making me crazy. I worry so much about going on adventures and doing British things, that I have very little time to actually go on adventures and do British things.

This weekend I decided I was going to stop that nonsense and go for it. I couldn’t let my desire to avoid facing the emotions that leaving London stirs in me lead to my avoidance of the rest of the world. I couldn’t keep staring at faces on Facebook that I would soon see again in real life.

I had to live. I had to party. I had to rage.

I had to finish strong.

The result: a great time and a killer hangover.

I knew that this would result in a lackluster, possibly non-existent column, but I have fit this bit of Hypothetical nonsense into my international schedule pretty well over the last three months. And as the regular season approaches its end, a similar feeling has taken a hold of my gambling innards. I cannot sit back and just let the games happen. I have to make my picks.

I have to finish strong.

Here’s Week 14, home team gets the asterisk.

LVH - Week 14

Because I put this off so long, here is “analysis” in 140-characters or less.

Titans (+12) over Broncos*

Chargers* (-3) over Giants

Chiefs (-3.5) over Redskins*

Saints* (-3.5) over Panthers

Seahawks (+3) over 49ers*

Let’s hope this works. In a week, I’ll be back in America watching American football in an American Buffalo Wild Wings as God intended.

But until then, I have to finish strong.

Happy Sundays.

Last Week: 2-2-1

Overall: 34-29-2


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