Blogs We Like(d), Ranked

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So, yes: you are reading a sports-adjacent blog right now, at this very second. Good for you for spending your time here and not elsewhere! There are desperately few even decent places to be left on the internet, and soon, given we are collectively being pushed all the way into technocratic fascism against our will, there will only be three websites total, all of them having provided enough funding for their governors to shoot themselves into space and away from our dying planet. Killer!

In being here, though, there is a key thing to remember: namely, that without the blogs, blog-esque and blog-adjacent sites that came before us, we would not exist.

As a blog that barely registers as an SEO dog whistle on its best days, it behooves us to mention the very good and great ones in tribute, just so you know where we’re coming from, even if it isn’t necessarily where we’re going. Given that private equity hawks continue to drop good things to their deaths, it also stands to reason that, though assuredly limited in scope, this is a place to remember some blogs.

1. FreeDarko
1. The Run of Play
1. Grantland
1. The Classical
1. ESPN Page 2
1. Everyday Should Be Saturday -> Banner Society
1. SBNation
1. Gabe Said “We’re Into Movements”
1. Datpiff
1. Fire Joe Morgan
1. Dusted
1. The Awl
1. Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard
1. DrownedinSound
1. The FADER
1. Grantland
1. Tumblr
1. Stereogum
1. Shitty Banter
1. The sports page of The Fordham Ram circa 2010-2014, which was exclusively nine pages of box scores and nothing more
1. Deadspin
2. Blogging about someone in sports – exclusively in sports, mind you – getting hit by a car
3. I’m out for dead presidents, current presidents and el presidente to represent me – you can keep all of that in a grave marked “LOL ur mad”


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