The Hypothetical SuperContest 2015 – Week 14

It is unseasonably hot right now. Yesterday, it was 70 degrees outside. In New York City. I took my dog for a walk in a t-shirt and shorts and had a bit of a sweat going by the end of it.

It is December 13th.

But the weather outside is not the only thing that’s hotter than usual at this time of year – my picks have gone 4-1 for two straight weeks. Let’s try and keep it going here in Week 14.

Here’s the slate. Home teams get the asterisk.


I love the slate, meaning I’m totally screwed. Whatever. Positive vibes. After two straight weeks of 4-1, anything is possible.

Seahawks (-6.5) over Ravens*

This line is as soft as a line can possibly be. Since the SuperContest lines lock in on Wednesday it’s impossible to adjust the number once it’s set. Just today, it was announced that the Ravens would be starting Jimmy Clausen against the Seahawks after Matt Schaub was sidelined with a chest injury.


Jimmy Clausen already played the Seahawks this year as the quarterback for the Chicago Bears. They had ten drives and ten punts and lost the game 26-0. Now, I know Clausen isn’t the one that decided to punt on fourth down, and the Ravens will definitely be more likely to at least look like they’re trying thanks to the pressure of playing in front of a home crowd.

But right now this line sits at Seahawks (-11) in Vegas. And value is good.

49ers (+1.5) over Browns*

Johnny Manziel hasn’t earned the right to be a favorite in the NFL yet. And Blaine Gabbert is low-key pretty okay.

Raiders (+7) over Broncos*

This number seems too long. The Raiders need this win to keep their postseason hopes alive, and even if you make the argument that they are already out of the playoff race, it’s a divisional matchup that I see Oakland stepping up for. While Brock Osweiler has looked surprisingly capable under center for the Broncos, I don’t think he’s going the go the whole rest of the season without tripping up once or twice.

Falcons (+7.5) over Panthers*

My weekly bet on the fact that the Panthers are not going undefeated.

Eagles* (+1) over Bills

So apparently Chip Kelly has been calling LeSean McCoy this week to talk and Shady refuses to pick up. Now where have I heard this story before…?

Never bet against Adele. That woman is undefeated.

Chance the Gambler

Last night Chance became the first independent artist to ever grace the Studio 8H stage.

He gets the Bears cause he’s from Chicago. He gets the lions because of his new cover art. And I’m running out of time before kickoff so 22, 17, 5.

Bears* (-3) over Redskins

Lions (PK) over Rams*

Titans (+7) over Jets*

Buccaneers* (-4) over Saints

Bills (-1) over Eagles*

I’ve been waiting for you for this whole week. I’ve been praying for you you’re my Sunday Candy.

Call your grandmas and tell them you love them. Chance will be proud.

Happy Sundays.

My Picks Last Week: 4-1 /// My Picks Overall: 34-30-1

Chance Picks Last Week: 3-2 /// Chance Picks Overall: 36-29



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