The Hypothetical SuperContest 2015 – Week 12

SuperContest_PromoHappy belated Thanksgiving! In what has become a bit of a Turkey Day tradition for me, I took a moment to list the things I’m thankful for on the good ole FB.

Now, I call that list “comprehensive,” but after a few days of reflection, I realized there were a few important items my list was missing: gambling, Donald Glover and Wawa hoagies. And while I don’t have a weekly blog dedicated to Childish Gambino or convenience stores of the North East Corridor (Editor’s Note: yet), I do have a place to write about gambling and why I’m thankful for it. So thank you gambling. I’m thankful for you. You complete me.

Here’s the slate (home team gets the asterisk):

supercontest 2015 week 12

The Picks I’m Thankful For:

Raiders (-1.5) over Titans*

Thank you Lord for the fun we are having! We praise you in the tough times! We praise you in the fun times!

A photo posted by Derek Carr (@derekcarrqb) on

I’m thankful for Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, and the lovable rapscallions that are with me on the Raiders bandwagon.

Jaguars* (-4) over Chargers

Chargers suck #chargerssuck #chargersarebad #the #chargers #suck

A photo posted by Dom (@dom_o20) on

I’m thankful for garbage football teams who announce they’ll be moving to another city too early so the football gods turn on them and curse them with even worse luck than they’re used to.

Seahawks* (-3.5) over Steelers

Hannah…. You are an angel from above! @SeattleChildrens

A photo posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on

I know it’s been a while since I’ve texted him back, but I’m thankful for RUSSELL HUSTLE BUSTLE WILSON.

Redskins* (+3) over Giants

RUUUUUUEEEBEN! Thanks @bose for getting Big Blue in the zone as we arrive for GAMEDAY! 🏈🎧

A photo posted by New York Giants (@nygiants) on

I’m thankful that the NFC East is such garbage the Eagles playoff hopes are still alive.

Vikings (PK) over Falcons*


A photo posted by Teddy Bridgewater (@teddyb_h2o) on

I’m thankful for Touchdown Teddy, garbage teams like the Falcons revealing themselves to be garbage, and my boy Ray for driving the Vikings bandwagon right past me and the Raiders on the freeway.

Chance the Gambler

24, 11, 19, 14, 28

Chargers (+4) over Jaguars*

Bengals* (-8.5) over Rams

Chiefs* (-6.5) over Bills

Buccaneers (+3.5) over Colts*

Steelers (+3.5) over Seahawks*

My Picks Last Week: 1-3-1 /// My Picks Overall: 26-28-1

Chance Picks Last Week: 3-2 /// Chance Picks Overall: 30-25


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