The Hypothetical SuperContest 2015 – Week 10


We made it fam. After nine weeks of NFL action, we’re finally back to a winning record against the spread on the year. I’ll be honest; I was extremely concerned we wouldn’t get here. After starting the season 0-5 I was worried that this season would be a losing one from start to finish, but we clawed for the inches and after going 3-2 last week, sit at 23-22 on the year. I could not be more proud. 

Let’s hope we can keep the streak going. The next challenge is to get our picks ATS better than Chance the Gambler, who sort of killed it last week, and we still have a long way to go if we are going to hypothetically cash in this Hypothetical SuperContest. Here’s the Week 10 slate. Home team gets the asterisk.

supercontest_week10This week we’re justifying my picks through Haiku. I know it’s kinda weird but just go with it. It’s poetry in motion.

Jaguars (+5.5) over Ravens*


Eagles* (-6.5) over Dolphins


Chiefs (+6.5) over Broncos


Browns (+4.5) over Steelers*


Titans* (+5.5) over Panthers


Chance the Gambler

Parents showed up because they love me. #blessed

A photo posted by Tyler Lauletta (@thisbytyler) on

Today is my Pop’s birthday. Happy birthday Pops!

To celebrate I asked him to give me five random numbers between 3-28. He replied thusly:

6, 3, 15, 10, 21

Cowboys (+1.5) over Buccaneers*

Packers* (-11.5) over Lions

Steelers* (-4.5) over Browns

Bears (+7) over Rams*

Broncos* (-6) over Chiefs

Thanks for reading y’all. Let’s keep the wins coming.

Happy Sundays.

My Picks Last Week: 3-2 /// My Picks Overall: 23-22

Chance Picks Last Week: 4-1 /// Chance Picks Overall: 25-20


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