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David J. Phillip/Associated Press

“To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best.” You hear it from every corner of competition in the United States, where an incumbent stands alone at the top of the mountain until some David comes along with a slingshot and a dream. Staging such a coup carries utilitarian value, allowing the spoils to seep from the victors to those fast approaching. Sometimes David’s reign is short, a new David knocking his predecessor from the apex before he even has a chance to set his feet.

The Kentucky Wildcats were innocent until proven guilty. Then, just as quickly as Wisconsin seized the throne, they relinquished it to the unlikeliest of under-the-radar foes, Mike Krzyzewski’s Duke Blue Devils. With an historically uncharacteristic combination of star freshman talent and senior leadership, Duke charged through the 2015 NCAA Tournament with unprecedented fury, ripping the target off its back and tossing it into a garbage can in Indianapolis.

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I was up until 7 am this morning. I slept for two hours, then I got back up and continued working. I was building a machine, ideally capable of unlocking the greatest of life’s mysteries: The NCAA Bracket.

I love college basketball. I love March Madness. But more than either of those I love brackets, and the futile chase for perfection that they represent. For the past two years, this March Madness of mine has driven me to create my own sort of Frankenstein’s monster: a bracket of brackets to determine which bracket I enter into my friendly neighborhood bracket pool. Does this sound convoluted to you? Does it seem like a waste of time? Well then turn around now, because we’re about to turn the convolution up to 11.

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It’s that time of year again: the snow is (finally) melting (maybe, I’m actually not really sure what grass looks like anymore), birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and no one will shut up about college basketball. That’s right, March Madness is upon us. I have a lot of problems with March Madness (huge lie, I have one problem with March Madness, and that’s the fact that it ends in April. Seriously, why is the championship game in April?). But, because I am a follower, and I have to be involved in everything that everyone else in the world is involved in, I filled out a bracket.

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Update 1 – 12:28pm

I just arrived at the Downingtown chapter of Buffalo Wild Wings, one of my favorite establishments in these United States. It was here that I enjoyed almost every NFL Sunday this season. It was here that I bought a round of Jameson shots for strangers when the Seahawks miraculously tied the Packers in the NFC Championship to force overtime, and then picked up those strangers in pure elation after RUSSELL HUSTLE BUSTLE WILSON won the game, prompting another round of Jameson shots.

I have often said that this is my happiest place on Earth. Give me $50 and a full slate of sports at BWW, and I might as well be on vacation in Hawaii for a week. This is the shit that I live for.

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My bracket sucks. But if you’re being honest, so does yours. We all take part in this ritual every year, filling out a bracket and placing our hopes and dreams for riches in the hands of a collection of college kids who can bounce a ball up and down on a hardwood floor better than you and I. Every year it ends the same way, crumpling your bracket into a ball and trying to throw it through the miniature basketball hoop above your garbage bin. You always miss the shot too. Insult to injury.

The problem is this, we only think about filling out this bracket during the few days between Selection Sunday and the first tip in the Round of 64. We don’t analyze our mistakes when the NCAA Tournament is freshest in our heads; instead, we wait and repeat the same mistakes that sunk our bracket the previous year.

Well, not me. Not this time.

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Robert Horry, San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angele...

Robert Horry, 7-time NBA champion and demigod of the crunch time DNA strand.

From a world where perspective blogs from anyone with a computer and a drive to create a WordPress account are a dime a dozen, Tuesdays With Horry has risen. As another voice in an already bombastic journalistic front, we look to provide views and opinions on sports and pop culture ranging from the supreme moral worth of March Madness to the low-brow insidiousness of hot Top 40 singles, and everything in between. We do not necessarily expect to shoot higher than others; rather, our aim is merely in a different direction, to capture the essence of what fans may feel about a given performer, athlete, team or album, and so on.

The name Tuesdays With Horry is, of course, derived from two sources: the first, Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays With Morrie, an examination of the relationship between student and teacher, and the second, seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry, whose exploits in crunch time situations  from the forward positions (and remarkable tendency to be on the right teams at the right times) have solidified him a place in NBA lore as the man with the most rings who did not play on the Boston Celtics with Bill Russell. He’s got more rings than Michael Jordan, for goodness’ sake. The name works on a number of levels, as we look to learn from our predecessors (namely, Run of Play, FreeDarko, The Classical and, most prominently, Grantland) and perhaps build on their success with achievements of our own. Basically, this group of writers does not mind being the sixth man who can consistently hit a clutch 3-pointer.

As the brainchild of a few students, past and present, we expect to open dialogues on a variety of subjects both popular and under-the-radar, and our geographic web is wide enough at present to be able to comfortably gauge the reactions of people in a given moment, the most important of which may help to define our limited time here. At the same time, we hope to engage you, the reader, in a way which invites thoughtful commentary and discussion on the topics at the forefront of popular society, for better or for worse.