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Last week my picks went 4-1. Normally I would use this space to talk about how I was hyped about that and even more hyped about how I was over .500 on the season again. But I’m not going to talk about that here today. There’s more important things to tell you.

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Last week I checked off an item from my bucket list.

MadeTheMailbag (1)

That is an excerpt from the Week 2 picks column of Bill Simmons. My Grantland fandom is well documented, and after missing out on the chance to intern there this fall, making an article was an appreciated, if bittersweet consolation prize. Read More


It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

I recently adopted a new philosophical outlook based around eliminating expectations. The idea is that most of life’s unhappiness stems from unmet expectations. I become aware of a potential future reality (let’s say I’m attempting to take a girl out on a date) and my subconscious runs with it, creating detailed illusions of what the world would look like if my wildest dreams came true. Then, when my hot date flakes at the 11th hour, I am filled with disappointment, anger, and self-doubt. Read More