South Carolina Ethers All Y’all

Going into the weekend, college football fans thought they had seen the worst of the worst when Purdue released the video for “You Oughta Be Proud”. I would give you the link to that abomination of a college team based rap anthem but it was so bad that the publishers of the video have tried to remove it from existence. People thought there was no hope for these rap anthems. “You Oughta Be Proud” and “Dawg Bite” both represented rock bottom and just when you thought the craze was over, a video has popped up that has Kendrick Lamar’d other proud fans to step their shit up.

The song is set to a laid back groove that lifts from the same beat utilized on Lil’ Troy’s “Wanna Be a Baller”. But this song is not about indulging in the luxuries of life – it’s about putting on for your team. We’re talking real RYDE OR DIE stuff here. We’re talking getting through Lou Holtz’s loopy, golden years before his retirement as the most unqualified doctor in America. This is about loving your team through thick, thin, and Marcus Lattimore injuries.

Speaking of Marcus Lattimore, he’s in this video! Driving a Ferrari (Flocka better be getting royalties)! Next to him are several other proud former Gamecocks whose achievements are splattered all over the screen with each appearance. Beside them? Hundreds of crazed SCar fans who put Bubba Sparxx’s “Ugly” video and the whole state of Georgia to shame. And there’s even an appearance by noted “Purple Rain” vampire, Darius Rucker.

Not only is this video proud but it has one of the biggest “subtweets” in video format I’ve ever seen. The moment when you see the dude with the Lattimore jersey restraining a tiger (!!!) with a leash while Sir Big Spur just squawks in the background. Sooooo on the nose but so great! You see that Clemson, Auburn, and LSU? That’s a middle finger to your mascot and your programs. “803 is in this bitch and we’re coming for you,” the dude with the cane and tuxedo tails constantly has running through his head.

In closing, no matter how ridiculous this music video gets, it’s still great. And that’s why all y’all other programs need to step up because South Carolina is tryna murder your programs and make sure your fan base has never heard of your program.

EDIT: Oh yeah, Oklahoma has a rap video that almost is the equivalent of cruel, unusual punishment.


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